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The Great Informant

I'm about to get deep on y'all today. You ready?

Our past experiences, inform our current experience. BOOM.

I know.

Let me tell you a story.

A month or two into the COVID recluse bubble - I made the decision to move to another project within my company. This position would be something that I had always wanted to do, so I felt like I almost couldn't turn the opportunity down.

So I took it. And struggled.

I felt like I had never learned anything so slow in my life. My learning process requires me to get to the 'why' of everything. To understand how all of the pieces fit together to make-up the big picture, its the only way I can truly understand the path we're on and what we're doing on it.

Without human interaction, and simple tasks that our team would've worked together on (in a non-pandemic life) - had me either sweating, slumped over my laptop digging into code I didn't yet understand or ignoring my laptop entirely hoping it'd just go away.

That one person we're all familiar with started whispering her common rhetoric - the challenge is just too much, you're not cut-out for this - and that's not such a big deal right? You can easily tell your supervisor this isn't your shtick, and keep it moving.

But that can't be my story. I've never quit anything. And I wasn't about to start. And I truly, truly, enjoy being challenged.

So I dug into every huge digital file I could find on our shared directory.

And I built a foundation. and I started asking smarter questions.

I'm at a momentary pause at the top of the hill, and I'm pretty pumped about where I'm at.

Now during the whole process, I noticed I had a pattern with handling overwhelming situations. Either totally ignoring it, or overthinking it. And the only thing that helped me, was to rely on my past experience of having to dig in to the information. Being confident in my ability to comprehend the heavy reading material, so that I can do my job efficiently.

I feel like sometimes, we forget that the things that have happened to us/that we've experienced, can help us where we are in this moment. Whether it makes us dig our heels in, or to let something go, the things that we've gone through help to inform who we are now.

Our past experience, inform our current experience.

There's a similar sentiment in yoga -

Poses inform other poses.

When creating a sequence, I design the sequence to warm up and bring attention to the specific areas of the body in which we will be using. Each movement slowly building until we get the peak, and we're able to reflect.

And beyond that, what we do now, better informs our future self. The decisions and the path we take now, the things we're going through now, will feed into our future in a positive light - if you choose to see it that way.

What are you hung up on in this moment, that feels familiar? I'll bet you'll find something in your past that reveal itself as a tool.

With Gratitude,


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