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Anticipation: Not enough or too much?



A word that has been rolling around in my mind.

Did you know, the word anticipation comes from the Latin word antipationem?

Defined as -


Take care of ahead of time.

Take into possession beforehand.

What does anticipation mean for you?

What does it look like in your life?

We all have every shade of color, every bright and shiny, every dark and twisty feeling within us - and the one I'd like to bring your attention to now is anticipation.

See if you can get curious about it. Can you remember a time where you felt anxious/not present/stuck in your head/overthinking? Maybe, you remember a time that you've felt impulsive/unprepared.

When our anticipation is lacking, it tends to bring a sense of impulse. Not thinking through. Flighty.

And when our anticipation is oversaturated, it tends to look like anxiety. Stealing the present moment from us.

Yoga has the unique ability to allow us to become present. To tune in, to observe.

Yoga allows us to become better listeners to observe the patterns of our movement while on and off the mat. It also allows us to become better listeners to observe the patterns of our thoughts.

Is your anticipation in balance?

Take a moment today, for yourself to just close your eyes.

Notice that you are breathing.

Begin to focus on exhale. Lengthen your exhale. Use your belly muscles and diaphragm to press out the lengthened exhale.

And just allow yourself to notice, what you notice.

With Gratitude,


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