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Dear Self-Saboteur

Today, I'm going to present to you a letter to my self-saboteur.

Before I start - I'd like to share that I've had a multitude of giant, bright, flashing neon signs in my face about this topic.

Kinda like when you buy a car, and suddenly you see your car everywhere. Or when you see a quote that sticks out and you see it over, and over again in the coming weeks.

I can't help but think these things are signs, or some sort of reflection that has a positive charge to what it is I'm feeling at that time.

So I'm going to share with you, a letter to my self-saboteur in hopes (and strong suspicion) that it'll help yours out too.

Dear Self - Saboteur,

I see you. Scrolling through media when you have ideas to write down.

Taking a stroll through the kitchen, when what we really need is a leisurely walk outside.

What is it that you're protecting?

Because that's really what you're doing - you may be purposely or unknowingly sabotaging our dreams, but what you're really doing is protecting.

Protecting my vulnerability. Protecting what I put forth, my fear of rejection.

Protecting ideas that require my whole hearted self, which up until recently, is a little less familiar work.

My beloved self-saboteur.

Do you know that it costs us?

Do you know *what* it costs us?

Feeling proud of yourself at the end of the day.

Fulfillment of your dharmic purpose in life.

Sewing seeds of love, light and growth to every single person we can reach.

Isn't that expensive?

So how do I better support the person you're protecting? The person scared of vulnerability.

I need to give her support. Whether its more time, more information.

Or an outlet. Or more space.

I promise that. I promise to give you [enter your desired support here].

Because that's how we move forward. That's how we give the fearful, power over the fear.

Thank you for always looking out for me,

The Other Self

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